Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pokuase, January 2009

It was almost like coming home. The children were bigger, the streets were still dusty, and I was happy to be back.

I knew it was time to adapt a part of my dream. I had wanted this to be a women’s cooperative, run by the women, for the women. In Ghana, very few women are trained or educated for leadership roles. They have not had good educations, and have little confidence in their school-related skills. Even writing numbers is a challenge for them.

And so I hired Sammy (Samuel Gyabah) as our business manager. He is from Pokuase, is university educated, and will help KamiAmi develop and function. He recruited more women - young women with little schooling and few job prospects. A perfect group for us! They came with their children, learned to crochet, and started to earn some income.

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