Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Daily Commute

It’s a 30-minute walking commute from the place where I stay to the place where I work. It’s a quiet time in the mornings. Most kids are at school, and I slowly walk to work, greeting people as I travel along the dusty road. The road is littered with the plastic bags that are now used (and valued) by the KamiAmi Women. It also has a tree that is filled with weaver bird nests – quite a site to see!

In the afternoons, on the way home, I usually have escorts. They carry my bags, and we talk and sing and laugh. They are pleased to show me all the back roads of town, and I get to see places I would never see on my own. On one day we walked past the home of Mary Addo, one of our KamiAmi Girls, and there she was – practicing her crochet.

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