Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pokuase, August 2008

I was back! I was greeted by hugs and cheers and dusty children.

The women had been practicing. They met every Thursday and Friday, and crocheted over 100 bags. They were not all wonderful, but it was impressive and they were proud.

While I was there, we designed our first official KamiAmi bag – called MamiAkua. It is a double-handled oval bag, crocheted of the ubiquitous black rubbers and an accent color from the recycled bags I bring from the US. All of the KamiAmi Women can now make this bag, the exact size, with good quality. And they can make many of them.

We started marketing. We traveled to Accra and put out bags in galleries, and we set up our first exhibition for the visiting university business students. By Ghanaian standards, it was a roaring success.

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