Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kids in the Classroom

The kids love being in our classroom. They like the camaraderie, and the singing, and join in the fun of laughing at me. They couldn’t believe that I was taking a picture of a chicken!

In the summer, when school is out, we are joined by several teenage girls. At first they were just tolerated by the adults, and asked to do errands. It quickly became apparent that they also can develop good crocheting skills. They are now the KamiAmi Girls. Staying in school, studying hard, and doing their household chores is of prime importance, but crocheting the rubbers in their "leisure" time is a good way for them to earn some money. Each one of them got her very own crochet hook.

Diana, called Madua at home, is our youngest KamiAmi Girl. She is quite skilled at helping to prepare our plastic “fibers.” She always has a smile, and is willing to cheerfully do whatever is asked of her.

We have one KamiAmi Boy. Meshark, aka NanaKwami, is 12 years old. He has great crocheting skills. He does all the KamiAmi errands with a big smile, and then is just happy to sit among us. He carries his crochet hook wherever he goes.

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