Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The KamiAmi Classroom

Our classroom is an open air building on a family compound near the center of town. (My understanding is that) the floor was started and then abandoned. WomensTrust later put up the walls and the roof.

It is a busy place, particularly when schools are closed. Children and chickens are always walking through. Many women come by, selling their goods from their heads: palm wine, prepared food, batiked fabric, kitchen utensils. You name it. Just sitting in the room, watching life pass by, is an incredible experience.

One area just outside our classroom is an open-air church. The praying is done in a language I don’t understand; the singing is quite beautiful. They meet two or three times a week, and once joined us in the midst of a downpour. They seemed to be most welcome in our very crowded room.

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